VIDEO: Watch Joe Flacco throw 70 yard bombs


It may be easy to forget now, but before he led the Baltimore Ravens to a Super bowl win or become a gazillionaire shortly after, Joe Flacco was just a humble quarterback prospect out of the University of Delaware.

Some Ravens fans might be ticked that Flacco made so much money and then proceeded to have his worst year in the NFL. Some may even think he’s overrated and got that contract because he was bailed out consistently by his receivers on a number of jump balls during the 2012 season. You may like Joe and you may hate him, what you can’t debate is that he has a cannon attached to his right shoulder.

For proof I submit to you this this video from the 2008 College Football All-Star Challenge, wherein Flacco competed with Chad Henne and a couple other future NFL quarterbacks to see who could throw the longest.

How did Flacco do? Oh, not bad. Just 71 yards. And that wasn’t even his longest throw. Watch and be amazed.

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