Buffalo Bills Big Brother: Week 3


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1. Fred Jackson

2. Aaron Williams

3. Kiko Alonso

4. Doug Marrone

5. Marcell Dareus

6. Brandon Spikes

7. Sammy Watkins

8. Marquise Goodwin

9. Eric Wood

10. Kyle Williams

11. Robert Woods

12. Mario Williams

13. Scott Chandler

14. Dan Carpenter

15. EJ Manuel

16. Jeff Tuel <evicted>

“With a vote of 8 to 4, Marquise you have been evicted from the Big Brother household.” Mr. Goodell announced.

Marquise said his goodbyes and headed out to the audience to have a seat and talk with Mr. Goodell.

They shook hands. “So Marquise, what do you think went wrong?”

“I’m not real sure Sir. I get being one of the newer members but I think with all the hype from drafting Sammy, they just wanted to get to know him better. We have to go right to camp when we get out and get working for the season so I don’t really think bonding with the older players will be a bad thing.”

“That’s a really positive outlook. Let’s take a look at what some of your housemates said in the event you were evicted.”

“Sorry that you went up in my place my man. Just get to work and I’ll see you at camp.” Brandon said.

“Yo, sorry I took Brandon down but wanted him to feel some loyalty from us. Specially since he came from such a big rival. I also wanted to get to know Sammy more so please don’t take it personal. Get to work Brother!” Freddie flashed his smile.

Back in the house, once Marquise’s picture turned black and white the houseguests got prepared to head outside and see what the next HOH competition was going to be. When they were let outside everyone but Eric took their spot. It was going to be a trivia challenge. Mr. Goodell asked them yes or no questions. He would mention a houseguest and say they said something… everyone would say yes if they believe that person said it, or no if they didn’t believe it.

Aaron and Brandon were knocked out after they got the first question wrong. Everyone got the next two right but on the fourth question Dan and Doug were knocked out. Sammy and Robert answered the next question wrong. Scott, Mario and Kyle got the next question wrong leaving Freddie, EJ, Kiko and Marcell to a tiebreaker. Mr. Goodell asked them to write down the total amount of offensive yards they had for the 2013 season without going over, whoever came the closest would be the next HOH.

Being on the defense both Marcell and Kiko were way under. EJ must of had a little too much confidence and overshot the amount of yards. Freddie was under by about 100 yards and became the next HOH. Aaron ran over and practically jumped on Freddie. He was so stoked. Eric came and put the key around his neck. Freddie couldn’t wait to see pictures of his family. He missed them terribly.

After Freddie had a couple days to think about who he was going to nominate, he felt pretty confident about his decision. Everyone gathered around the table and awaited Freddie’s speech and all the keys to be pulled to see who was safe. When the last person finally pulled their key out it was revealed that Marcell and Dan were nominated.

“Marcell, I don’t really think you’re taking this game seriously. Both Big Brother and football. Dan, to me, you’re just a pawn up there. Hopefully it doesn’t back fire but Mr. Big Stuff needs to go get prepared for the season and focus on growing up.”

Once the nomination ceremony was over Marcell sort of stormed off and was followed quickly by Mario and Kyle. He was showing his true colors to everyone about everything Freddie had just pointed out. Kyle and Mario were able to calm him down and make him realize the path he was going down. They told him to fight for his life in the veto competition.

Freddie being the beast that he was, didn’t really give anyone else a chance to win the veto. He dominated the competition and won so he could keep his nominations the same. He really wanted Marcell to go focus on football so he could help the team more than he did last year. Now it would be up to the house to vote out the right person.

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