Check out this awesome new redesigned Titans logo


Everyone seems to be making their own NFL logos these days. There are ones inspired by Star Wars, Game of Thrones, corporations, fat people, it goes on and on. We haven’t seen any for the Titans that really caught our eye, until today.

Here’s a sharp and strong redesigned logo for the Titans that we found on imgur.


I like this dude. I feel like you get the sense of SIZE and power that should go with the Titans name that you don’t with the team’s current logo. In fact I think it’s a vast improvement. How about you?

You can find the all 32 new NFL logos here.

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  • Anonymous

    We don’t really care what you think! We like our logo!! I, personally, don’t care about anything the cover 32 has to say because you are all so prejudiced (except Raj)!