Jacksonville Jaguars rookie tops 2014 NFL QB class with highest Madden rating


The time has come yet again for another release of EA Sports’ highly-anticipated video game, Madden.

I don’t know about you, but me personally, I love using the Jaguars in franchise mode and not only getting to be my own GM, but winning the Lombardi Trophy with them as well. Though I will admit, I love playing in superstar mode.

One of the most anticipated things each year for NFL athletes with where they rank among others at their position in the Madden rankings and what their overall Madden rating is. However, for one of the rookies in the Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 class, they’re already at the top.

Rookie quarterback Blake Bortles is the highest-rated rookie quarterback in Madden 15.



That’s right! The Jaguars have a rookie who is the best at his position. Bortles’ overall rating is 78.

“Bortles grades out as our top rookie QB in Madden NFL 15. 92 THP and 73 SPD make him a mini-Andrew Luck.” – EA Sports



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