Madden ratings say Matt Ryan not a top five quarterback


Next month EA Sports will release the 26th edition of its insanely popular NFL video game, Madden. To help get gamers excited for that day the company is releasing Madden player ratings every day.

Yesterday they toyed with the 2014 rookies by asking them what they thought their ratings should be, then filming their responses when they showed them what they actually were. Today EA Sports released its top five quarterbacks list, which excluded Matt Ryan. Here’s who they picked:

1. Peyton Manning (98 overall)

2. Aaron Rodgers (98 overall)

3. Drew Brees (96 overall)

4. Russell Wilson (93 overall)

5. Tom Brady (93 overall)

I’m not going to take issue with Manning, Rodgers or Brees. Those three are the consensus best quarterbacks in the world and nobody with any sense is going to argue the point. However, I find it really strange that Madden put both Russell Wilson and Tom Brady ahead of Matt Ryan.

Wilson is generally underrated in my opinion, but he’s playing in a run-first offense and hasn’t had much asked of him. Meanwhile when Brady lost his amazing corps of receivers and catching tight ends, his numbers took a serious nose dive. I don’t even think I’d put Brady in the top ten anymore. At the very least Phillip Rivers, Tony Romo and Matt Ryan should be ranked ahead of him. Brady’s Madden rating is clearly all about reputation and past success and not what he’s actually capable of.

Meanwhile Ryan threw for over 4,500 yards last year and he did it without his number one receiver for 11 games and a number two option that was playing hurt the whole time. What a crock.

What do you think? Did Matt Ryan get snubbed or not?

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  • Anonymous

    Wilson is not better than Big Ben, period. Oh, and Ryan isn’t either.

  • Jque

    Ben is a great passer… but needs time to find his read, and is subpar in the hurry-up. He isnt better than Ryan..

  • Jason Brooks

    Russell’s there because he directed his team to a Super Bowl win. Brady’s there because, well, he’s Tom Brady. I don’t argue with Matt not being top 5, simply because for all of his numbers last year, the Falcons were 4-12. Give him a decent line, let him win games this year (including 1-2 playoff victories) and he’ll be top-5 material when Madden cranks out edition ’16.

  • Reginald Clark

    Are you kidding? Matt Ryan better than Tom Brady? As you said in your article, Brady lost his great group of receivers and his two pass catching TEs but he still willed his team to the playoffs. The one thing you can say about Brady is no matter what his cast is around him, he will find a way to win. Its more than about numbers to determine the best QB. When Ryan lost his offensive weapons and the team was placed on his shoulders, he unlike Brady could not find a way to win. Get serious, I am a long time Falcon fan and I know Matt Ryan is not better than Tom Brady.