Cowboys’ Quotable’s : Melton cleared, Romo ready to put back on burner


Dallas, TX – The Dallas Cowboys officially opened for Training Camp today and it seems as though optimism is coming through in waves. This is the time that folks put their best foot forward and build the team chemistry and camaraderie that according to the Cowboys definitely need. We all know I feel about that talk so we move on.

One thing has now become certain, Henry Melton is ready for practice. If there were any doubters that he wouldn’t be ready in time, those can now be put to bed. After an ACL tear ended Melton’s season early last year, everyone has come out of the woodwork to claim how he can’t help Dallas in ’14. As said earlier, those folks can climb back into their hiding areas and hibernate.

David Moore of Dallas Morning News had this to say about Melton and his recovery:

“The defensive tackle must pass Wednesday’s physical before his status becomes official. But club officials don’t anticipate any red flags to appear in Melton’s return from a torn anterior cruciate ligament. He was held out of team drills during the off-season, but never once missed a rehabilitation session or suffered a setback.”

Melton, the Cowboys most significant free agent acquisition, is being counted on to start at the defensive tackle spot that opened up with Jason Hatcher’s departure. He played in only three games for Chicago in 2013 before suffering his season-ending injury, but has maintained all along that he would be ready to open training camp.”

So there we have it, at least we know he’ll be ready to go once practice begins to heat up. Melton is a crucial entity to the Cowboys’ defense this year as he plans to replace the hole of Jason Hatcher.

Speaking of Hatcher, he was just placed on PUP for the Washington Redskins, and even though he is now a rival, we wish him a speedy recovery.

Now shifting focus to the million-dollar question on one Tony Romo, it looks as though he’s in great shape as well and just ready to begin the process. Tony mainly went through light throwing in front of the media this offseason but looks as though that’s about to change.

Bryan Broaddus seemed pretty confident when he answered some of the 20 questions over at Valley Ranch.

“In talking with various members of the Cowboys front office, medical staff and even Romo himself – to a man they all feel confident that the back is in the best shape possible going into this camp. With that being said, I am confident that we should see the same quarterback under center that we have seen in these last 12 seasons. If his back were to give him a problem, it would be with his mobility and that would affect a huge part of his game. Romo’s ability to avoid the rush while buying that second chance on the move has been his greatest trait. For Romo it has never been an issue dealing with rushers that attack him from the outside because of his ability to turn, spin and dodge but you take that away from him, he is a totally different quarterback and that is something that this offense cannot afford to have happen if it is going to be success.”

This has just been an extremely overblown story because of the location of the surgery. The truth is that this was a slight issue last season. I know he had a “cyst-removal” but the precautions that were taken indicate that they might have had an idea or two of something else. Also of note, Troy Aikman had the same procedure done when he was 26 and played eight more seasons. Although Troy says that he was forced to retire due to back issues, it’s notable that Aikman had reoccurring back issues. He had spasms and multiple disk issues. It was also 1992 and it is now 2014. Modern medicine folks, that’s all I’m saying.

It seems as though a few positive nuggets for the Cowboys can help ease a lot of tension in Oxnard. I leave you all with a few words from the Cowboys’ seemingly new leader on defense Barry Church. It seems as though he knows what is at stake.

“Even though we lost a couple of great players, I feel like that just forced everybody else to step up and know that their role’s going to become a lot more important because of the people that we lost,” said Barry Church. “I feel like that’s making everybody study the playbook a lot more and knowing the defense front and back going into this season, and that should help us play a lot faster.”

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