Fugly Saints Christmas sweater is everything you ever wanted


If you woke up this morning wondering where can I get a heinously ugly and ironic New Orleans Saints sweater, well then you’re in luck.

Of course I’m aware that New Orleans isn’t exactly known for having white Christmases. In fact as far as I know there’s no such thing as winter there at all. Anyway. Even if it never gets cold enough to justify it everyone loves a good fugly Christmas sweater.

Now I am happy to report that the NFL merchandise folks finally have you covered:

via nflshop.com


Admit it. You know that you want this sweater more than you’ve ever wanted anything. It just might be the thing that fulfills all your dreams and purges all of your fears and anxieties.

At the very least you can give it to the least favorite Saints fan in your life. They’re available now for $64.95 at the NFL Shop website.

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