Grade Day: Andrew Luck makes Top-25 list of NFL jersey sales


Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck ranks as one of the top selling NFL jerseys.  come out with its list of top selling jerseys from April 1, 2014 to July 17, 2014. Luck barely broke the list at number 25.

Five rookies came in ahead of Luck, Johnny Manziel(1st), Michael Sam(6th), Teddy Bridgwater(13th), Jadeveon Clowney(16th), and Blake Bortles(18th). Big name rookies tend to crack the list every season before they have played a snap, because a fan base is excited about the new face of their franchise.

Luck in entering his third season in the league, and has already broken several NFL records. He has lead the Colts to back-to back playoff appearances, and possibly no other young quarterback has done more for his team. He is the best young quarterback in the game, and looks to become the face of the league when names like Manning and Brady fade off into the sunset after their retirement.

Although his jersey sales have him lower than some other quarterbacks who have not performed as well, cough cough Ryan Tannenhill(19th). Luck will continue to become a top selling jersey for years to come.

This weeks grade day gets a C, simply because people have not realized who the best young quarterback in the game is.

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