Madden rating grades: Russell Wilson finally gets some love


If you’re a Seattle Seahawks fan you’re probably sick to death by now of hearing about how overrated Russell Wilson is. Or maybe you’re so deep into the NFL news cycle that you’re sick to death of people like me defending him and saying he should be ranked higher.

In either case, we have some good news for you: people are finally coming around to recognizing just how great he is, so one day soon we can finally end this ridiculous debate.

Yesterday EA Sports released its player ratings for the top five quarterbacks in its newest installment of Madden, which comes out next month and will feature Richard Sherman on the cover and the entire Legion of Boom on the start screen. Here is how EA rated the best quarterbacks:

1. Peyton Manning (98 overall)

2. Aaron Rodgers (98 overall)

3. Drew Brees (96 overall)

4. Russell Wilson (93 overall)

5. Tom Brady (93 overall)

That’s right. Madden thinks that Russell Wilson is at least as good as everyone’s favorite metrosexual model Tom Brady. Of course if you put the question to me I would say if Tom Brady is a 93 then I’d tell you that Wilson is at least a 101, and that any rational person would have to put Phillip Rivers, Tony Romo, and Matt Ryan ahead of Brady as well, but that’s a story for another day.

Madden recognized Wilson’s speed (86), accuracy (92), and especially his throw power (93), which is sorely missing from the conversation about who is an elite quarterback and who isn’t. Wilson has a deceptively powerful arm for his size, as Brady’s Patriots discovered to their chagrin in Week 6 of the 2012 season:

We can talk about how Brady’s production has seriously dropped off the last few seasons another day, for now I guess we should just be happy that somebody is saying the obvious: that Wilson is clearly a top five quarterback in the NFL.

I’ll give these Madden ratings an A- for that Brady slip. They’re not perfect, but so few things are.

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