Mailbag: How many chances will this Houston Texans starter get?


Alex, with Ryan Fitzpatrick named as the Houston Texans starter, how many chances do you think they;ll give him before benching him, if he doesn’t improve this season? – Joe from Austin


In all honesty, I don’t think he does have much time. I already don’t think he should be the starter, having thrown 93 career interceptions and surrendering 31 fumbles in 84 career games doesn’t inspire me in any way,

Fitzpatrick should show at least slight improvement, considering that new head coach Bill O’Brien has done a good job in the NFL when it comes to working with quarterbacks (Tom Brady, Matt Cassel.) But, that doesn’t mean that he’s going to do enough to keep this team competitive and put them in position to win games.

I think that if Fitzpatrick loses his first two games, and struggles in the third, then they’ll hand the ball over to Case Keenum or Tom Savage to take over and keep Fitzpatrick as an insurance option. Otherwise, if Fitzpatrick is playing inconsistently mid-season and the team is playing at .500, then Fitzpatrick will probably lose his job.

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