Raiders Mailbag: Schaub the gunslinger, best camp battle, DJ vs DMC and more


Whenever I get a troll asking me questions on here, I do my best to answer them in an attempt to steal said troll’s thunder. So rather than ignore Scott’s silly question (Scott, btw, writes a great mock sports blog similar to the Onion so you should check it out) I’m gonna answer it.

SO, who plays Doc Holiday? A guy who travels to the west in an attempt to prolong his life and ends up becoming a well known gunslinger? Sounds a lot like Matt Schaub to me! Looking like his career was over in Houston, Schaub headed west in an attempt to prolong things. Now the Raiders have to hope he turns into a gunslinger and becomes a legend just like good old Doc Holliday.

For me, it is going to be the offensive line as a whole. When the offseason started, offensive line coach Tony Sparano told general manager Reggie McKenzie to go out and get him good players regardless of their position. Sparano is so confident in his skills he knows he can make things work so long as he has good players. I am very excited to see how the starting lineup shakes out and how good this unit can be in 2014.

I’ve tried not to weigh in on this topic other than just to report what others are talking about. I know there are a lot of Raiders fans on both sides of the spectrum so let me start by making one thing clear, no matter where the Raiders play, I will be a fan for life. I started watching them when they were in LA and it didn’t stop me from becoming obsessed. All of that being said, the Raiders belong in Oakland. It is their home town, where they were born and where their legacy was first entrenched. They had some good years in Los Angeles, but they are the Oakland Raiders and that is where they need to stay.

I think he will make the roster, but he may end up buried fairly deep on the depth chart. Regardless of his inconsistencies, his speed is still unique enough to force defensive coordinators to be concerned about him. As a third or fourth option at WR, that’s not too shabby. He is still cheap because he is on his rookie contract so unless there is a trade with good value on the table, he should remain with the Raiders. Too little to gain in cutting him when he adds such valuable depth.

Yikes… first let me say that I hope neither misses much time at all. But to answer your question I have to say DJ Hayden. While he has clearly had injury issues since coming to the Raiders, Darren McFadden has had injury issues dating back to college and has never played a full season. There is still slight hope that DJ can find health and stay on the field all year. I do not have any such hope for McFadden.

Nope. There really is no reason to. The guard position for the Raiders is solid and has good depth. If there was a questionable tackle on the market with talent who could be had cheap because of issues then maybe. But with Incognito, it simply doesn’t make sense. Raiders are not in dire need of help at guard and Incognito represents a bigger headache than he is worth.

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