Seahawks wide receiver announces sudden retirement


The Seattle Seahawks logjam at wide receiver just got a little less crowded. Moments ago, veteran wideout Sidney Rice announced his retirement. The team’s website quoted Rice as saying his health was the primary reason:

I was just thinking about things I’ve been through in the last few years, I’ve hit the ground a number of times. I have quite a few injuries. It’s something I’ve always battled through and came back from… But I just figure at this point I have the rest of my life ahead of me and I want to be able to function and do things later down the road.”

Seattle cut Rice earlier this offseason, only to sign him to a one-year deal a few months later. Rice was recovering from an ACL tear suffered against the St. Louis Rams in October and he’s missed 25 games over the last four seasons.

We wish Rice the best of luck going forward. It’s a shame when any promising career is cut short by injuries like this.

After the jump let’s take a moment to enjoy some of the best plays of Sidney Rice’s career…

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  • Max

    Rice was a good receiver who couldn’t stay healthy. It’s sad that his career was cut short. Fortunately for the Hawks they will not lose production because they are very deep at the position. Best to Sidney, a true pro in every way.

  • Satchel

    Sidney is a classy young man, who has earned respect without seeking the attention. He is ending his pro football career on his own terms. What ever he chooses to do next will be done with his usual style and grace.