Tamba Hali appears to be in good shape afterall


When the Kansas City Chiefs selected OLB Dee Ford in the first round of the draft, it seemed that rumors and reports surfaced instantaneously about Tamba Hali’s weight, and whether or not the Chiefs are pleased with where the seven year veteran currently stands with his offseason training.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Hali weighed in at 284 pounds, which supposedly exceeds his “optimal playing weight” by 20 pounds. Regardless whether there is any truth to Schefter’s report or not remains to be seen. But Hali seems to making sure he stays in shape during the offseason in the video shown below, courtesy of Gracie Academy.

Once you’re done watching, you can join me in hoping and praying that Tamba Hali never risks dislocating his ankles on an exercise ball ever again.

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