Who should replace Oakland Raiders CB D.J. Hayden if he misses significant time?


The Oakland Raiders had a hellish season in 2013 in many ways, but most of all when it came to injuries. The team could not stay healthy and a serious lack of depth resulted in poor play across the board. So as the team prepares to enter training camp for the 2014 season, one can understand how frustrating it must be knowing that D.J. Hayden is still nursing an injury and may not get a full training camp.

The Raiders were banking on Hayden having a bounce back sophomore campaign after struggling with injuries and adjusting to the NFL game as a rookie. Now that he is once again having injury issues, the coaches need to start seriously considering who would fill in for Hayden if he has to miss significant time during the season. Clearly it’s too early to make the final decision but the coaches will certainly have that in the back of their minds as they begin training camp on Friday.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at the guys who could potentially replace Hayden as a starting corner opposite Tarell Brown if things go bad for Hayden.

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  • Doug

    What are his injuries? I was surprised they took him in the first round after recently having heart surgery.

    • James Arcellana

      Injury is undisclosed as of now but reports are that it is something with his foot.

  • Doug

    Raiders defense is a sleeper in FFB. The offense will run a lot this year and the defense has experienced FA playmakers.

  • Superman

    raiders should have picked up Brandon Flowers

  • FB24

    This idiot Reggie should’ve re-signed Jenkins and signed Flowers when he was available. Instead he was asleep at the wheel… AGAIN. Another wasted season because of this dumb front office.

    • James Arcellana

      I was not impressed with Jenkins so was ok with letting him walk. Flowers would have been nice but no guarantee he coulda gotten him anyway. He had lots of suitors and turned down the Niners. For all we know, RM tried and wasnt able to get Flowers.

  • GClem

    I’m beginning to think this was a terrible pick up. While I respect what Reggie was trying to do, the end result might come back to haunt him. I think there’s too much damage mentally and physically for Hayden to come back successfully. These injuries give him more time to think about getting out of football entirely.

  • Anonymous

    is namdi available ?

  • long beach Tony

    is namdi available, lol