Do the Carolina Panthers have any of the top-10 most overrated players in the NFL?


Yesterday, the fine folks at Grantland released the second half of their annual NFL trade value list, which ranks each player in the league based on how much interest they would garner on the open market. It’s an interesting list, one that is fun to compare with a similar piece cover32 posted earlier in the offseason.

While there were plenty of similarities between the two lists – after all, who doesn’t think Andrew Luck would demand a ton in a hypothetical trade – there were also a few big differences. There were some players who were highly regarded by Grantland, as well as universally around football, that simply don’t belong on the list.

This fact got the wheels turning, which led to the compilation of this week’s list. From coast to coast, there are plenty of NFL players who are considered “great,” but simply don’t live up to the hype.

With that in mind, To see the 10 most-overrated players in the NFL today, CLICK HERE.

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