Have expectations for Sammy Watkins changed after less than a week of camp?


A little over a month ago I talked about what we can expect from Sammy Watkins in his first season, basically I examined rookie seasons of first round picks over the last 3 years. In conclusion I said if he can have a year somewhere in between Justin Blackmon’s and AJ Green’s rookie campaigns we should be pretty happy (for the full article click here). That would put Sammy around 900 yards and 6 touchdowns. My question is have things changed since the Bills reported to camp last Sunday?

If you are reading this chances are you are a big Bills fan (yay!) or you are one my friends or family members and are reading just for me (sorry). Either way, every football fan has seen the highlight by now of Watkins’ ridiculous one handed catch in practice on Wednesday. Reports from camp have him routinely burning first team defensive backs, even ESPN reported that Watkins is comparing to Randy Moss in camp so far. For reference Randy Moss’ rookie season he posted a line of 69 catches, 1,313 yards and a whopping 17 touchdowns.

I am a member of several Buffalo Bills Facebook groups and the love for Sammy has peaked this week, even more so than after the draft. I have even found myself pondering the idea of Sammy burning the Darrelle Revis’s of the world. I am still on the fence of where my expectations should be now, do I temper them and use logic, think back to my very own post of 6 weeks ago? Or should I go all in and expect a pro bowl campaign from the rookie wide receiver?

I think the answer is somewhere in-between; my expectations have stayed the same and risen at the same time. I am now looking at a line of 60 catches, 900 yards and 6 touchdowns as Sammy’s floor, what he has to do (barring injury). If you told me a month ago that would be his line I would have said cool, now in my mind that is what he has to do at a minimum. Does he need to go all Randy Moss-ish to meet my new expectations this year? No, but I will certainly be looking AJ Green’s rookie season (65 catches 1,057 yards 7 touchdowns) as my new benchmark for Sammy’s rookie season.

I turn it over to you Bills fans, what are you expecting now from Sammy Watkins this year? Also have your expectations changed since training camp started? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @TVandyH20.

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