Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles jokes he was never going to hold out


Yesterday Kansas City Chiefs superstar running back Jamaal Charles signed an extension with his team. According to Ian Rapoport the deal is worth $18 million over the next two years:

That equals a five million dollar raise. Not bad at all. What’s most interesting is how Charles got it done. Earlier on Wednesday we reported that Charles was threatening to hold out of training camp in order to get a new deal done. Less than an hour later it came through.

Just imagine this: you walk into your boss’ office at about 9:00 on a Wednesday morning and tell him that unless you get a major raise you won’t bother showing up for work the next week. Twenty minutes later, he comes crawling on his knees over to your cubicle with a check in hand. That’s basically what happened here.

The Chiefs know that Charles is the most valuable player on their roster and he hit them up for a raise at the perfect time. But to hear Charles tell it he was never really considering holding out in the first place.

Last night he sent out this joke tweet:




It might be hilarious if the Chiefs wouldn’t be so thoroughly screwed without him.

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