Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch needs to get paid


Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch will be holding out of training camp, according to a report by Dan Hanzus of Apparently Lynch told former teammate Michael Robinson that he won’t show up until he gets a better contract:

Marshawn Lynch just called me, we just talked,” Robinson said. “He said he will be holding out from training camp this year with the Seahawks.”

Robinson was Lynch’s closest friend on the Seahawks roster and his lead blocker for several years. He is about as reliable a source as they come.

The impetus for Lynch is obvious: he has been Seattle’s workhorse running back for three and a half seasons and has more carries than any other back in the National Football League during that time. Lynch knows that running backs begin to decline around his age so he’s looking to get as much money as he possibly can while he’s still capable of carrying a team on his back.


I think the obvious inspiration here is Jamaal Charles. On Wednesday morning the Chiefs running back said that he would hold out for more many before reporting to training camp. Hours later he was given an extension which equated to a $5 million raise.

As it stands today, Lynch is due to be paid $5 million in base salary for the 2014 season, which makes him one of the top-five paid players at his position in the NFL.

NFL teams typically only pay players what they believe they are worth going forward. In my humble opinion Lynch will continue to be an elite RB for at least the next two seasons, barring a major injury. Seattle has a couple of decent options to replace him in the powerful Robert Rubin and the lethally agile Christine Michael.

However, neither of them at this time are nearly as valuable as Marshawn Lynch.

My colleague Chris Cassidy believes that the Seahawks would be better off trading him to the Oakland Raiders for future draft picks. However, I think at the end of the day Lynch may be worth as much as $7.5 million annually until 2016. If he’s asking for more than that then the Seahawks front office might better served to let him walk, otherwise, he needs to get paid.

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  • Doug

    I don’t think Lynch gets anything at all or a *very* minor restructuring of his contract to change the incentives for this year to make them more achievable. For any player, the happiest day they have with their contract is the day they sign it. As the cap goes up, players equal to or lesser than a player’s ability will sign for more money. But for the Seahawks, doing a major renegotiation of Lynch’s contract will screw up their cap planning going forward, and with the options behind Lynch, he may be out of a job sooner rather than later if he doesn’t show up to compete.
    Remember PC’s #1 rule: Team First.

  • SonicScott

    He is getting paid. When he signed the contract he said he was very happy with it. What changed was greed and ego.