Shots fired: Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson named most overrated player in NFL


Yesterday, the fine folks at Grantland released the second half of their annual NFL trade value list, which ranks each player in the league based on how much interest they would garner on the open market. It’s an interesting list, one that is fun to compare with a similar piece cover32 posted earlier in the offseason.

While there were plenty of similarities between the two lists – after all, who doesn’t think Andrew Luck would demand a ton in a hypothetical trade – there were also a few big differences. There were some players who were highly regarded by Grantland, as well as universally around football, that simply don’t belong on the list.

This fact got the wheels turning, which led to the compilation of this week’s list. From coast to coast, there are plenty of NFL players who are considered “great,” but simply don’t live up to the hype.

With that in mind, To see the 10 most-overrated players in the NFL today, CLICK HERE.

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  • Lisa Bennett

    As usual, the cover32 staff has lowered the bar for sports journalism…

  • Nicole

    This guy has litterally accomplished everything a QB could possibly do during his first two years (from a multiple rookie records, to season 100+ passer ratings, to a Superbowl championship) all while making peanuts by industry standards and being known for only good deeds off-the-field. He deserves a lot more respect than this.

  • Anonymike

    I live in the Puget Sound area. Good to have the home team win. Not only got to share in the excitement but was vindicated in some of my assessments as well. In spite of the Super Bowl, I think Russell Wilson remains an enigma as a QB. The comparison to Fran Tarkenton was something that occurred to me early, but I saw plenty of Tark in the day, and in the end, I don’t see it so much. He reminds quite a bit of Snake Stabler of the 1970s Raiders, but Stabler was more that “riverboat gambler” type. WIlson takes few chances. He keeps his poise in all situation, so he does not press or speed up the pace in pressure situations. In that way, his mental game as an athlete reminds me of Tiger Woods when Woods was young. The sum of all of this, I think makes Wilson a game manager, but the type I like to call an “alpha game manager”. Not a put down. I considered the likes of Bob Griese, Roger Staubach and Peyton Manning alpha game managers as well. Wilson, I think, confuses because he comes about it in a different way. He rolls out and scrambles, and takes the yards the defense gives him on foot. The rollout has been part of football for generations, but did not, until recently, become accepted in the pro game. Wilson in sum is someone who put a premium on good decision making, poise, good execution and minimizing risks. That makes him a game manager.

    • David

      No, he’s a playmaker. You been watchin?

      • Anonymike

        Griese, Staubach and Peyton Manning are pretty good company. But he does make plays when it counts. Hits receivers deep in a crowd. He does a lot of things. I still think Wilson is as of yet an enigma, though. Even with a Super Bowl. In some ways, I don’t see him as tested yet against grave adversity. Until he is, we can’t say who he is or who he is like. But, if we never quite find out, well he already has that often elusive ring to take home when he hangs up the cleats.

  • rich

    Most overrated list………….

  • Satchel

    Russel can only be rated by his contribution to the Seattle Seahawks and that match has proved to be a perfect storm. Being a game manager with his option threat and other obvious skills, rates him a winner.