Things we Hate: Idiot laughs at Sidney Rice’s misfortune


It’s perfectly alright for sports fans to root against teams they don’t like. It’s also normal to say you hate such and such a player. We got a ribbing online for our homerism in yesterday’s article on the dysfunctional 49ers, but no matter how much we dislike them we’d never condone wishing for a Niner to get hurt.

I don’t care how much you hate a team or a specific player – there’s no legitimate reason to wish for that person to get injured, or to laugh about it after the fact. Some people might be willing to make an exception for Michael Vick, but that’s a story for another day.

Yesterday when Sidney Rice announced his retirment it was a shock to me and a lot of Seahawks fans around the world.

The main reason that Rice decided to hang it up was concussions: over the years he’s taken a lot of hard blows to the head and he didn’t want to risk serious brain damage by continuing to play. So, at 27 years old he retired. Sounds pretty awful, right? A young man having to give up the thing he loves most because he runs the risk of degenerative brain disease. Nothing funny about that, right?

Well, not if you’re Kevin Stern from the University of Minnesota. Here’s what Kevin had to say about Rice on the ESPN article about the announcement:



There’s just no place for this. I can only imagine that nothing bad has ever happened to Kevin that was beyond his control, and that he’s ignorant as a result. Otherwise he just might be a sociopath.

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  • Jim

    What an absolute douchebag. Bad enough this guy wrote that whats worse is people “liking it ” get a life

  • Lisa Bennett

    We’ve started taking up a collection here in the NW to help Kevin Stern get his head surgically removed from his anus.
    Good luck with that surgery, Dude!

    • Sam Wood

      How much will it cost to get your dick removed, Lisa?

  • Freddie

    Awww poor lil timmy weaver couldn’t handle my previous comment because it disagreed with his stupid article and so he deleted it.

    what a typical Seattle fan pussy. Just like that Alligator mouth, canary ass Richard Sherman.
    Mouths off then gets all butthurt and plays the race card when people object to his punk ass comments!.

    • Lisa Bennett

      Pussy? Well, you are what you eat…so I guess that makes you a big ol’ DICK, Freddie!

  • Sam Wood

    Sounds like Lisa really needs a dick.
    Or to have one removed maybe?