What really grinds my gears: No Indy Car ride for me


Quick and easy rant this week. Why could I have not driven Reggie Wayne in the Indy Car yesterday when he reported to training camp in Anderson, Indiana? Oh, probably because I am not Ed Carpenter, an Indy Car driver who has three career wins under his belt.

Yeah, I might have a problem driving a car that can easily top over 200 miles and hour, and I am sure Wayne would not prefer a no name driving him to camp. But, why can I not dream?

Hell, I would have liked to have just started the engine for Wayne and said “Be on your way.”. That would have been nice for a man who grew up minutes from the speedway, and a Colts fan. You cannot tell me any Colts fan would not want to be apart of any entrance Wayne has made into camp.

A dump truck, a helicopter, and no an Indy Car. What is next? A cop car? Because help is on the way in the form Wayne? I do not know, but I cannot wait to see what Wayne has in store for everyone next year in Anderson.

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