Will Ryan Tannehill warrant a new deal?


As catchy as it is becoming in the NFL, rookie deals are being redone left and right.

For one, with Colin Kaepernick’s mind boggling $126 million dollar deal after his second complete year and second playoff appearance, NFL teams are looking to lock-in the best deal for their franchise quarterback.

Just this morning, word got out that Andy Dalton (a playoff disaster last year) is seeking a new deal with the Bengals. Consequently, he wants Kaepernick-like money. Is Andy Dalton really worth the money after three straight playoff appearances?

At this point, what a 3rd year quarterback must do earn his way to having the Brinks truck back up on his driveway falls nothing short of lofty expectations that lead to conference playoff games. Case in point, Flacco lead his team to a Super Bowl win and then followed that performance up with a down year. Tony Romo, who to his credit has one playoff win and several appearances and usually falters in the 4thquarter with a interception hear and there was rewarded a $100 million dollar deal.

Which bring us back to Ryan Tannehill. Ryan Tannehill has some value to his organization unless he improves upon his 24-17 performance and makes the Dolphins contenders deep into the playoffs. Since Tannehill’s contract already seems cheap for the Dolphins as the 8th pick in 2012, he is a bargain at any rate versus the top elite quarterbacks raise in pay.

Do the Dolphins want to shell out 20-plus million dollars on a player like Tannehill?

The courses of action that the Dolphins could take heading into a year four, presuming Tannehill leads the Dolphins to the playoffs and cuts down on his interceptions and improves his touchdown numbers; is they can re-do the deal and make it more like Kaepernick’s. A new Tannehill deal would mean that the Dolphins could be on the hook only for the bonus earned based on the years he plays for the Dolphins. Barring some type of unforeseen circumstances such as an injury or a decrease in productivity, the Dolphins could inevitably find a deal to keep Tannehill in Miami for the future.

The voice of the fans at this point has Tannehill as a serviceable quarterback. Some fans wish the Dolphins hadn’t drafted him. Some reporters in Miami, and they know exactly who they are don’t agree with his practice habits and inconsistencies of dropped passes, missed targets, and question his ability to be an elite quarterback. Some pundits wish the Dolphins should draft a QB in 2015.

Here’s the big problem with not giving Tannehill the money, someone else will. Tannehill is coachable, can read the defense (needs to be better at commanding the huddle), and has all the athleticism necessary for being a QB in today’s NFL. Today’s NFL requires a strong leader at the quarterback position that can not only pass for yardage, but take off an run to carry the offense.

One of the most impressive attributes about Tannehill is that he seems to overcome a bad start and come back with a phenomenal performance in his next start. In other words, Tannehill, in the face of adversity comes back.

One doesn’t have to look too hard at last season to see comeback victories versus the Falcons, Steelers and Bengals (to tie the game). Getting the team moving in the right direction to win is exactly what Tannehill does.

For that, he could very well be looking at a huge pay day of no state taxes!

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