Condolences to Antonio Gates and his family following sister’s passing


In, quite frankly, a few days which will make you question the integrity of the NFL, it’s important to remember what is really important. Antonio Gates’ sister, Pamela, passed away Wednesday night at the age of 22 following a long battle with lupus.

Gates has been a model citizen in San Diego and exemplifies the hardworking attitude that makes NFL players, something to admire. Outside of what he has done on the field, he has been a solid person through his time with the Chargers. We use the word “hero” a little loosely these days — especially when it comes to professional athletes — but Gates is closer to this title than most, and is handling this tragedy with unmatched courage.

Kevin Acee of UT-San Diego did a fantastic job covering Gates attitude through this unfortunate time for his family.

“Anybody, you don’t have to be a football player, no one is immune to the trials and tribulations of life . . You have to deal with it, handle it the best way you can. I will tell you, in my whole 34 years of living, I’ve never done nothing this tough.”

Those words from Gates are tough to read. We send our thoughts out to Antonio and his family at this time. All the best to one of the best Chargers in history.


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