Doug Baldwin drops massive truth bomb about Marshawn Lynch holdout


Today the Seattle Seahawks opened training camp for the 2014 season and the biggest topic of discussion was the holdout of running back Marshawn Lynch. If you haven’t heard, Lynch did not show up and is trying to re-negotiate his contract even though there’s still two years remaining on it.

When asked how he felt about the situation, head coach Pete Carroll said he was disappointed and expects Lynch to play out his current deal:

It’s a contract for a reason. We made a decision and it was signed, by us and by them,” Carroll told USA TODAY Sports. “We expect them to honor their contract just as we will. We’re going to honor it and we expect them to do the same.”

That argument didn’t sit well with wide receiver Doug Baldwin, who dropped a massive truth bomb on Twitter hours later:

Baldwin is 120 percent right.

NFL contracts are a one-way street. Owners and front offices expect players to honor their part of the deal, but then cut them the moment that it becomes convenient. The recently retired Sidney Rice is a great example. He had two years remaining on his contract at the end of the 2013 season but the Seahawks cut him and later re-signed him to a deal worth millions less.

It sounds like this Lynch business might be creating some tension within the organization. Lynch is massively popular and respected in the locker room. The longer it goes on the more likely it could turn into a serious distraction.

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  • Doug

    NFL economics have never favoured the players, not a surprise. In the last league contract the owners protected themselves from the stupidity of signing mega-deals for rookies, when so many are busts–but it means that players like RW are grossly under paid. If you want a market wage where you get paid for your performance every Sunday, play professional golf. Otherwise, “it is what it is”. In this case Marshawn will either suck it up and decide to be the Beast with Seattle this year or he won’t be on the team. PC/JS know what they are doing here.