Time for Johnny Manziel to be worried?


Mike Pettine has announced (Fairly officially) that the starter for the first preseason game will be Brian Hoyer and not rookie phenom, Johnny Manziel.

“Brian will start the first preseason game if nothing else changes,” Pettine¬†told ESPNCleveland.com. “There’s plenty of time in there, daily updates staff-wise, to decide then how we want to [proceed]. There’s a lot of different ways it can play out.”

Though Johnny has been the offseason star for the Browns,  at least in terms of popularity and jersey sales (he leads the league in sales), it appears that he will have to wait til the second string snaps to prove himself as a quality QB on the football field.

Should the JFF camp be worried?


This was how things were likely to play out all along and it’s still quite possible that Johnny will be the starter by the third preseason game. The days of rookie QBs coming in and starting from day one appear to be over and the youngster will have to prove himself on the practice field, meeting rooms and his second string snaps during the preseason appearances.

Don’t panic, I still think it’s very likely that Manziel will beat out Hoyer for the starting job by September 6th but it’s going to be quite a battle and something to be excited about as it develops the next few weeks.

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