Who is the top fantasy football sleeper for the Kansas City Chiefs?


The Kansas City Chiefs training camp kicked off yesterday, which means that the 2014 NFL season is so close we can almost taste it. That also means that another all-important season is about to begin: fantasy football.

I know that some of you may not be fantasy football fanatics, but don’t you think it’s time that you got in on the craze? Over 30 million people play every year and it gives you a great excuse to watch football all day Sunday as opposed to just your home town team.

Fantasy drafts are going on every day all over the internet, so you can join any time. So if you haven’t already go ahead and sign up. I’ll wait. No really. Do it.



Alright, to help get you ready for the coming fantasy football season we’re compiling a list of the top sleepers for every team in the NFL.

For the uninitiated, a fantasy sleeper is a player who is not widely known and is usually a (fantasy) free agent at the start of the season. He should be someone who you think is going to have better stats than he has in the past (whether for just one week or a full season.)

So, who is the top fantasy sleeper for this year’s Chiefs? We’re going with tight end Anthony Fasano.

Fasano missed seven games in 2013 due to several injuries, which means that the average fantasy owner will forget that he ever existed. You might get scared off by the injuries but Fasano actually finished the season hot; scoring three touchdowns in his final four games. We love players that finish the previous season on a hot streak, it gives them confidence and momentum going into the new year.

That goes double for Fasano, who was adjusting to playing with a new quarterback. When the numbers trend upward as the season goes along it usually means a player is settling in with his role in the offense. I think that the rapport between Alex Smith and Fasano is only going to grow in 2014.

He’s not going to wow anybody with his overall production but Fasano could be worth picking up when the Chiefs play teams that are poor at defending tight ends. He is available in over 98 percent of NFL.com fantasy leagues.

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