No, the Seahawks should not pay Marshawn Lynch


(Editor’s note: we enjoy a diversity of opinions here at cover32 Seahawks. What one writer says does not necessarily reflect the views of the editor or the staff in general. The Marshawn Lynch controversy is a perfect example of this. Last week Chris Cassidy wrote that the Seahawks should trade Lynch to the Oakland Raiders. On Thursday Managing Editor Tim Weaver wrote that the Seahawks should give him a raise, and now Triston Dacken is adding his voice to the pile. We are of the opinion that good people can disagree without the world coming to an end.)

A couple of days ago thanks to Michael Robinson we found out that Marshawn Lynch will be holding out of Seahawks training camp. From what I’ve seen, there is an overwhelming majority of people who think the Seahawks should pony up and pay the man. I am not one of those people.

Yes, Lynch has been an incredibly important part of our offense the last few years, but look at the Super Bowl. Lynch was essentially shut down by the Broncos, with only 39 yards on 15 carries and a touchdown.

Meanwhile Wilson and the receivers stepped up and dominated the game through the air. Based on that, and the skills we know that second year running back Christine Michael possesses, the 12th man has no need to worry if Lynch’s holdout goes on a long time. (Meanwhile Lynch will be fined $30,000 every day that he does not show up.)

The first section of this video is Christine Michael’s pre-season highlights from last season. He’s fast, runs downhill, and uses a trait he probably picked up from Lynch, he always keeps his legs apart and churning. This was him last season, and now he’s back and the coaches say he’s IMPROVED. That’s very, very exciting.

Michael is the Seahawks future at running back, and back when mini camps first started, the coaches said they were excited with his progress and, if need be, would feel comfortable moving forward with him and Robert Turbin as the Seahawks primary backs. They anticipated this, and they are prepared for it.

I’ve written before that Lynch could one day be a hall of fame running back. He very well could be one day.

However, unlike two years or so ago, he isn’t absolutely essential to our offense anymore. The Seahawks should not bend over backwards to appease a player that has a worthy replacement and isn’t worth the trouble anymore. I think that Pete Carroll and John Schneider should, and WILL, ride out Lynch’s hold out and see what happens without panicking and let him realize that he needs the Seahawks more than the Seahawks need him.

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  • Steve


  • Tom

    I think Marshawn is already a top 5 paid back in this league so I would hesitate to renegotiate his contract. Christine Michael… I love the guy, has tons of talent, but don’t forget the video above is of him playing against teams 2nd strings in preseason. He will be a stud in this league but how long will it take him is the key.

  • Triston

    That’s true, but that’s also him at a lesser level. According to most accounts he’s improved significantly, so I’d roll the dice with him and Turbin.

  • Hawkfan206912

    ok ill admit i was one of the people that said pa the man… mainly cause im afraid of life after beast mode… even though i know its coming.. im not that naive lol..i think Lynch should be like a Runningback Coach.. aka BEASTMODE 101 lol