Did Jerry Jones save Rolando McClain’s career?


Some may call it the wrong move from the owner/general manager of the Dallas Cowboys. At some point during the 2014 NFL season though, there’s a chance that Jerry Jones might actually look like he made a move that makes Cowboys’ fans incredibly happy. What was this move? Well, apparently Jones is the reason why McClain is back in the NFL, and playing for the Cowboys.

Sure, McClain still has some off the field issues that he’s dealing with, but apparently he’s looked solid in his first few days at the Dallas Cowboys’ training camp. If McClain is able to pan out for the Cowboys in 2014 and beyond, then Jones is the man that we should all thank, because according to the linebacker, Jones was the one who convinced him that he could play again. The story from McClain is that Jones called him from Turkey, which McClain “figured had to be an expensive phone call,” and stated that it was “pretty serious from that point.”

Jones got to talking with McClain, and before long the Cowboys had set up a deal with the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens gave the rights to McClain and a seventh-round draft pick, in exchange for a sixth-round draft pick, with both picks being in this coming years draft. Low risk, potentially high reward for the Cowboys, without question.

After losing Sean Lee for the season, the Cowboys are desperately trying to find the right player to fill in the void at middle linebacker.

McClain was a top ten pick back in 2010, but he’s been arrested three times in a 16-month span, and has already retired, then un-retired twice from the NFL. When it came down to it though, it was actually Nick Saban who put in a good word for McClain to the Cowboys, and made them believe that his life could still be turned around. Saban also apparently got the Cowboys to believe in the fact that the troubled linebacker was ready to compete at a high level again on the football field.

McClain has been saying all of the right things recently, and the Cowboys are feeling confident in their decision to make that trade. As McClain said, he “can’t let (Saban) down”, and also pointed out that his old coach “stuck his neck out there” for him. If McClain’s head really is in the right place, then there’s a chance that the Cowboys just got a steal at the linebacker position.

Jerry Jones very well may have just saved the troubled linebackers career by giving him another chance, but the turnaround won’t happen unless McClain lives up to his word that he’s going to go out and show that he can still play at an NFL level. It’s more than just playing at that level though, as he has to find a way to be successful, and once again show those flashes of strong play that we’ve witnessed in the past.

Time will tell on this situation, but let’s try and stay positive until we get a real reason to turn negative in the upcoming months of McClain’s time with the Cowboys.

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