Earl Thomas says Russell Wilson has made another leap


Practicing against the best free safety in the league on a daily basis has made Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson tougher. Analysts are starting to come around and say what Seahawks fans have known for two years: that Wilson is an elite NFL quarterback.

Now according to Earl Thomas he’s getting even better. Speaking Saturday at Seahawks training camp, Thomas said that Wilson has made another leap:

He’s a different guy, He’s more in control. He’s giving me a hard time, kind of looking me off. Sometimes I think he holds it a little longer because no pass rush is coming. But he’s on the right track. He’s a great leader. He watches film, just like I watch film.”

The story on the Seahawks’ official website elaborated that the two have a running competition to see who arrives first to VMAC and who leaves last.

On a number of occassions this offseason we have seen (or heard about) Wilson connecting with his receivers on deep balls – which is the exact thing that Pete Carroll’s defense is designed to stop. Of course the defense is at a disadvantage during practice as they’re not allowed to be as physical as they normally would, but it’s striking the number of times that the defense has been beat by Wilson.

If Wilson has indeed made another leap and can torch the best secondary in the NFL just imagine what he’ll do against the rest of the league.


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