Jay Cutler thinks bigger is better


There’s no doubt Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has the prototypical gun slinger mentality. He loves to fit the ball into tight places and can get a little erratic with his throws which is exactly why the Bears made it a point to give him bigger targets.

“It makes it easy,” Cutler said Monday. “You kind of just hang balls up there for those guys and they make the play. They all do a really good job of finding the ball in the air and knowing when the back-shoulder [throw] is coming. We’ve just got to keep everyone healthy.”

Tight end Martellus Bennett is Cutler’s tallest weapon at 6’6”. Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery are both 6’5” while second-year man Marquess Wilson is 6’4”.

Cutler and Bennett seemed to have been working very hard to strengthen their on field relationship this season. Cutler knows he has one of the best tight ends in the league and wants to make the most out of the tough matchup for defenses.

“In certain situations he’s really hard to cover,” Cutler said. “He’s such a big guy that even some of the intermediate stuff over the middle, he’s able to get separation. He played basketball, so he knows how to high-point the ball down in the red zone. We’ve just got to keep throwing different stuff at him and incorporating him in different ways.”

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