No news is good news for the Cleveland Browns


Johnny Manziel hasn’t been great, Brian Hoyer has been ehhh and Anthony Armstrong has been strangely impressive but the most important news out of the first weekend of camp is not about a single player. It’s about health. The Browns have remained relatively healthy for the first few days (knock on wood) and after seeing what the San Francisco 49ers have gone through we should count our blessings.

The ‘9ers lost two of their starting three running backs (one for the year) after just a few days of camp and we can only hope and pray that nothing that tragic will befall the Browns this preseason.

I couldn’t have said it better….well, maybe I could…but it still gets the point across!

Who to watch for this week in camp? Terrance West and Charles Johnson. Both guys with a lot of upside and a lot to prove. (West could be the opening day RB)

But…excitement be darned for now, just stay healthy out there boys!

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