Reggie Wayne believes offense is one step from elite


Indianapolis Colts All-Pro wide receiver Reggie Wayne is coming off an ACL tear, which he tore during the Denver Broncos game last season. This marks the first time that he will be working his way back from a major injury( entering his 14th season), but that has not stopped him from believing that this years offense can become special.

After practice this morning in Anderson, Wayne appeared on the set of ESPN to talk about his recovery, and how the Colts plan to compete and beat the elite of the AFC, the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots.

“We have talked about this in meetings, the last couple days, that have kept us from being the top offensive unit.” Wayne told ESPN

“One of those things is getting more first down. We were in the middle of the pack in getting first downs. But we were really two or three first downs each game from being one of the top echelon teams in the league.” Wayne continued to tell ESPN.

In 2013 the Colts ranked 19th in total first downs (319), while Denver and New England ranked sixth and seventh respectively. If the Colts were to have averaged three more fist downs a game, that would have put them fourth in the league with 367. Something Wayne believe will be a key to success in 2014.

More first downs will mean more consistency for the Colts in 2014, something that will need to happen to make a deeper playoff run. After back to back 11-5 seasons and playoff appearances, the Colts are primed to make a Super Bowl run this season. And it will start with the success of the offense.

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