Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson ranked 17th best in NFL, full top-30 revealed


When cover32 released its list of the top 10 quarterbacks in the NFL today, there were plenty of people angry about their favorite team’s signal caller not making the list. It made for a spirited debate in the “Comments” section below the article. The second batch of QBs, Nos. 11-20, generated a similar response.

The next logical step in the ranking of the game’s quarterbacks is to unveil Nos. 21-30. These are the players who either need to make the leap into consistent starters or are barely holding onto their jobs. To see that list, CLICK HERE.

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  • Robert

    Would be nice to see what he judging criteria is. Newton 8, salary Kaep 7, luck 5? Interesting how Russell Wilson out performed each of these guys in every way. Sure Luck ad more total yards but he also threw the ball more for less yards per completion or attempt, less TDs per attempt and less completions where the ball was in the air for 20 yards or more. These are just a few of the many stats that Wilson was in the top 4 or leading the league in. Being a QB is much more than total yards. The NFL players know this and that’s why they rank him the forth best QB. Some idiot annonymous writer that is lucky enough to have a job where his uninformed opinion can get published, doesn’t really matter.