Ironic 90’s Jacksonville Jaguars t-shirt is the stuff dreams are made of


Last week when I wrote about this amazing ugly Jaguars Christmas sweater I think I may have been doing you a disservice. It is Jacksonville in July, after all. Nobody has time to even think about warm clothing. Today the weather report says that it will get up to 93 degrees in Jacksonville, with 55 percent humidity. That’s bananas. At about 85 I shut down and just stop doing things entirely.

Anyway, to help get you through this long hot Florida summer I decided to find some more appropriate Jaguars-themed fashion. Here it is, a perfectly ironic 1995 graphic t-shirt, featuring hot pink lettering, a roaring Jaguar and everything.

It’s available on E-Bay right now. RIGHT NOW. Starting bids begin at $9.99.

You’re welcome.

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