Jay Gruden and Robert Griffin III enjoy a good game of Scattergories


As Jay Gruden settled into his $2.5 million, four-bedroom, five-bath mansion, he was surprised that he already knew his new neighbors: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Griffin III.

The Gruden family’s new home in Leesburg, Virginia

Here’s a great excerpt from Dave Sheinin’s profile of Gruden in The Washington Post:

The Grudens moved into their new home in June, after their youngest son, Jack, finished his sophomore year of high school in Ohio, where Gruden had spent the previous three seasons as the Cincinnati Bengals’ offensive coordinator.

One night soon after their move-in, the Grudens needed to borrow some ice. So they called the neighbor across the street, a nice young man with a nice young wife. The Grudens were all out on the porch, immersed in a game of Scattergories, when Jack spotted someone creeping through the house. All of a sudden, the young neighbor, Robert Griffin III, came bursting out into the porch, holding a bag of ice, and laughing uncontrollably at the stunned looks at the Grudens’ faces.

“He goes, ‘Game night at the Grudens!’ ” Sherry Gruden says. “And he sat down and played with us for awhile.”

“No,” Jay Gruden corrects her. “He won the first game, then got up and left.”

RGIII has made it very clear that he’s a fan of his new head coach, though anybody’s better than what Mike Shanahan brought last year, saying, “It’s really just a good thing to have two coaches [Gruden and offensive coordinator Sean McVay] who believe in you.”

While I always thought it had something to do with his coaching style or play calling, maybe it’s simply because Gruden has a great game collection.

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