Josh Gordon could get off on a technicality


This is a rumor that hasn’t even reached the Twittersphere but if something of this magnitude escapes the lips of Chris Mortensen, it’s worth getting excited about.

Mortensen let it slip on NFL Live on ESPN that there are people in the league that think Gordon can get out of his year long suspension due to a technicality. Josh Gordon recently hired attorney, Maurice Suh, who was Richard Sherman’s rep when he won his appeal a few years back.

Unfortunately there isn’t much more info out there than that. Gordon hired Suh, Mortensen said there may be a technicality and the official ruling will come down on August 1st.

Cross your fingers and pray that Josh gets past this stuff and can contribute on the field this year and for many years to come.


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  • Ryan

    At this point, I think it’s clear that he missed a test based on what his agent and Greg Little have said. It also sounds like the DWI will be dropped and not have an impact on the case. This whole process has been really odd ever since it was reported he faced a suspension. If he wins the appeal and avoids his suspension, will that be announced by the league? They never announced he was suspended in the first place. There were reports yesterday that Ray Rice had chosen not to appeal, which was AFTER he already got suspended. I don’t get why the Gordon issue is being handled so differently. I had thought all along that ehe wouldn’t miss much time based on all I’ve read as found out. And now with these rumors about a technicality, I am very optimistic he will play all 16 games as he should. That is what the league wants, although they obviously can’t admit it. Gordon makes the browns better, which equals more money earned, which equals a happy commissioner.

  • Kevin Gillikin

    Very well said Ryan! It has been an odd case…the fact that they keep postponing the hearing makes it seem like they’re looking for ways to get him out of the suspension. It looks pretty good he may play but I bet he gets suspended for four games or something just so the NFL doesn’t look ridiculous for the whole thing. Even so, if Gordon plays more than half the games it could be really interesting!

  • Keith Nelson

    Getting off on a technicality only masks the fact that this kid has problems. Beating the system may give him a false sense of feeling he can continue to beat the system without ever having to face the fact that he must make changes. Getting caught with marijuana (admittedly not his) then being pulled over for DUI (alleged) while knowingly possibly being suspended still shows he’s not in a position to make wise decisions.

  • Bill

    I think the term getting off on a technicality is little misleading, 1) if it was second hand smoke, he is indeed guilty of bad judgment but not an NFL violation, and 2) the fact that he PASSED 70 TESTS should earn him a little trust that he is just guilty of not dumping his friends, a tough choice for a 21 year old. IF they are his friends, they should stop or avoid him when using, and he needs to realize this is what a friend would do. So the so called “technicality” is that under the rules he is INNOCENT.