Darnell Dockett believes the NFC West will be a “bloodbath”


Defensive lineman Darnell Dockett is known for speaking his mind. Sometimes it’s an odd things, like a mask from the movie The Purge: Anarchy and other times it’s about football. This time it’s about football and Dockett is right on the head.

According to Kevin Patra of NFL.com, Dockett was quoted as saying the NFC West is going to be a bloodbath in 2014.

“When you play against each other, no matter who it is — no matter (if) it’s the Rams against the Seahawks, us against the 49ers – it’s going to be a bloodbath anyway,” Dockett said.

“We know that. Every team in this division knows when you play somebody in the division it’s going to be 9-on-7, straight smashmouth. But it’s about winning the other games outside the division, getting up for those games just as important as the games in the division.”

Nailed it right on the head, Darnell. Arizona dropped four games inside the division last season but was able to go on the road and beat the eventual Super Bowl champion Seahawks in Seattle.

“Technically, we were beating Seattle’s ass here,” defensive tackle Darnell Dockett told USA Today’s Tom Pelissero on Tuesday. “They won the game, but you mean physically? San Francisco, physically? We dogged San Fran (in Week 6). They won the game in the fourth quarter. We turned the ball over and they ran the ball in.

“They won the game, don’t get me wrong. We can’t take that from them. But it was never like, ‘Oh, they’re going to just kill ’em when they come up there.'”

We couldn’t find an appropriate bloodbath graphic to throw in here. But, boy did we want to.

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