Grade Day: Player conditioning is doing terrible


For the Houston Texans, training camp has had its ups and down. Players are working hard, and many players are impressing early, such as Derek Newton and Jared Crick.

However, there have been problems too, and that’s the health of Arian Foster and Andre Johnson.

As the Houston Chronicle reported on Monday, Johnson tweaked his hamstring and Foster had an injury that the team isn’t revealing, though it’s believed to be around the hamstring area.

Foster returned to practice today, according to, but Johnson doesn’t know if he will “be limited” and that he isn’t too worried about it.

Even though neither injuries are serious, the team’s conditioning should already come into a bit of question. The two star players on offense have injuries, and Foster is just recovering from season-ending back surgery. We have to hope that these guys can stay healthy during practice, let alone the season.

Player conditioning grade: D

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