Houston Texans Mailbag: Arian Foster’s health


Hey Alex, Arian Foster missed the final nine games last season, needing back surgery that kept him out for the rest of the 2013 season. Now, he’s dealing with an undisclosed injury he suffered in practice. Should we be worried about this? Is this the end for Foster? If he can’t stay healthy, how will the Texans fix their usually-strong running game? Jake, Houston

Hi Jake.

I am ┬áconcerned about Foster’s health. Although his hamstring injury isn’t “serious” it’s also a cause for concern that Foster is getting beaten up by injuries. Foster is soon going to be 28-years, and star running backs tend to wear down once they reach 30. If that’s the case, Foster really doesn’t have many good years left.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t see him return to his form we saw from 2010-2012 where he rushed for over 1,200 yards and reached double-digit touchdowns in three straight seasons. Although I don’t think this is the end for Foster, as he should be able to play another four or so years, it’s quite likely, as I just stated, that we may not see him return to his elite form.

As for how they will fix the running game, they’re going to have to hope that sixth-round selection Alfred Blue can pick it up and replace Foster’s talent. Andre Brown, brought in from the New York Giants, hasn’t impressed during his career yet. If Blue is becoming much more relied on to replace Foster’s snaps, but he isn’t getting it done, then the Texans may have a very serious running back problem.

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