Ken Whisenhunt pushes more competition for Tennessee Titans


For a team that appeared to be lacking fire and identity last season, new head coach Ken Whisenhunt is a perfect fit for the Tennessee Titans. Thus far in training camp observers have agreed that the team looks sharper and hungrier than they have been in several years.

At least part of that is thanks to Whisenhunt’s philosophy about competition; which he wants to ingrain into his players.

Speaking after yesterday’s practice session, Whisenhunt had this to say:

“You can ask for it all you want, but it’s really the competitiveness of the players that’s going to drive that. We’ve been clear about what our expectations are. It’s a competitive business, and the only way you get better is to push each other and to compete in practice. I like it. It’s been good. It’s been good give and take on both sides. I’ve liked it since we first got here.”

Last year Whisenhunt was largely responsible for getting the San Diego Chargers to the playoffs in the loaded AFC West. As offensive coordinator he completely revitalized the team and turned a floundering offense into one of the most efficient in the NFL.

The Titans have a much easier path to the postseason relatively than the Chargers. Other than the Colts I don’t see any real threats to win the division. If the Titans can embrace Whisenhunt’s new vision then they’re going to have a great shot at playing meaningful football in December.

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