Mailbag: New Orleans Saints fan asks pertinent question after Ray Rice's suspension


This week I am not answering any questions, and am instead posing a question to you as a reader. I came across this from one of our followers on Twitter last week, and I found it extremely relevant and thought-provoking:


What Robert is referring to is Ray Rice’s two game suspension for essentially assaulting his then-fiance in an Atlantic City hotel elevator. Whether you think there’s some sort of controversy behind it is a separate debate, but calling the penalty anything other than lenient is ignorant.

And – as Robert identifies – it’s especially curious from the Saints’ perspective. There was very little evidence to support the claim that Sean Payton had orchestrated the bountygate scandal, or even that he was involved in the situation at all. Nevertheless, because Payton was in charge of the team he was punished with a year’s suspension.

So why is it that Rice – who arguably committed a worse crime – gets a punishment eight times less severe?

I leave it to you, Who Dat Nation – comment below with your thoughts.

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