confused about New York Jets offense


How many of you would rank the New York Jets offense in the top five of the NFL?


Top five offense. New York Jets. Anyone?



Alright then, no takers. It’s curious then that the folks over at think so highly of the Jets offense. Here is a picture that the website put out to promote the Jets’ first pre-season game against the Indianapolis Colts:



If you look closely you can see ranks the Jets 4th in overall offense and 2nd in passing. Interesting. Very interesting. As far as I was aware the Jets passing offense was fairly mediocre last season, so I went ahead and took a look at the numbers just to make sure I wasn’t crazy.¬†As it turns out, I am crazy, but the Jets finished 31st overall in passing yards per game last season (183.3).

Sooooo. Yeah. What’s even weirder is they ranked the Jets rushing offense 25th overall, when they actually were pretty good (6th overall per game.)

The simple answer is that just made a mistake and mixed up the rushing and passing rankings, but that still wouldn’t explain why they’d call the Jets offense number four in the league. Unless… wait, I’ve got it. Maybe we’re ALL crazy and just imagined that the last ten years never happened… which means that the Jets are getting Michael Vick from 2004!!!

This is of course stupendous news, as Michael Vick is one of the most exciting young quarterbacks in the NFL, with a bright future ahead of him. By signing him the Jets have pulled off a major coup and are now legitimate championship contenders.

I hope you’re ready for a Super bowl parade in early 2005, Jets fans!


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  • Russ

    J-E-T-S- JETS! JETS! JETS! Are much better on offense this year, with the addition of some receiving help and Geno is progressing. I am a long time Jets fan (1960’s) and believe they will win more than many experts think they will and the will make the playoffs and have the ablity to make a deep run; however I don’t think that they are the #4 offense in the league for 2014, maybe 10 – 12 but not 4.