Reggie Bush says Detroit Lions must stop beating themselves


The most aggravating thing for Detroit fans last season had to be watching the Lions lose so many winnable games. It felt like every other week they had a comfortable lead going into halftime, and then made inexplicable mistakes, particularly late in the game which costed them dearly.

What’s odd is that this trend was a microscosm of the Lions’ season as a whole. After a promising 6-3 start to the season it looked as if the NFC North was theirs to lose, and then the bottom fell out. Detroit lost six of its last seven games, the final three by a total of just six points.

If it felt like a bad dream that’s understandable, but it wasn’t your imagination. The team knows it too – particularly running back Reggie Bush, who is tired of seeing the Lions beat themselves.

Today Bush spoke with ESPN about the need to finish games better. Have a look:

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