Seahawks rookie wide receiver Paul Richardson is putting on pounds


The main concern about Seattle Seahawks rookie wide receiver Paul Richardson has been his weight. When he was drafted he was listed at 183 pounds. As it turns out, that number was off by quite a bit. Richardson went on ESPN 710 Seattle yesterday and told Bob and Groz that he actually weighed 20 pounds LESS when he was playing at Colorado his senior year:

“In college I was anywhere from 159-162 – they had me listed heavier than I was,” he said. “But I’ve gained 20 pounds and I’m still playing fast and I think that I’m getting stronger.”

So….. yeah. That happened.

It’s common practice for sports teams to pump up their players’ physical attributes. NBA teams routinely list players a couple inches taller than they actually are, and linemen have been known to gain a few stones between practice and a real game, but 20 pounds is a pretty significant number for a guy with Richardson’s build.

At least now Richardson is up to the weight that we originally thought he was at when the Seahawks drafted him.

The question is how much more can he put on before he sees the field against a live NFL opponent? Packing on 40 pounds of muscle in five months is a very tall order even for a pro football player.

Still, I guess Seahawks fans shouldn’t have too much cause to worry. Richardson says that he feels more explosive with the added muscle, and it seems to be working out for him. He burned the defense for two more deep touchdowns in yesterday’s televised practice.

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