VIDEO: Is Adrian Peterson the greatest running back of all time?


I couldn’t handle waiting for the NFL season to start anymore so a couple weeks ago I spluged and bought Game Rewind. If you need to ask yourself if it’s worth the investment then you need a splash of February Minnesota lake water in the face.

One of the cooler things is they keep an archive of every game over the last five seasons, so I decided to take a look at Adrian Peterson’s amazing 2012 campaign.

I’ve been watching football my whole life, so I’ve seen a lot of stuff, and there’s not many players that can make me gasp. And yet that’s exactly what I did watching AD that year. A lot. You can make a case for other running backs; there’s Marshawn Lynch’s power, LeSean McCoy’s elusiveness, Matt Forte’s ability to break one off, but none of them put it all together in one package quite like Peterson.

The pre-season begins in about one week and finally we can enjoy live football again. Until then let’s just take a moment to enjoy some of the greatest plays that AD has shown us over the years:

Peterson still has a ways to go to catch the likes of Jim Brown and Walter Payton, but at an age where most running backs start breaking down, he just keeps getting better.