Cowboys’ week one camp stories


A full week into training camp and there is certainly isn’t a lack of stories to cover. In this week’s edition of the top five we take a look at the top story lines so far in training camp.

1. Tony Romo’s off days
A complete non-issue but can’t seem to get enough play in the media. I like the idea of Romo getting plenty of days off. His back needs to be fresh at the start of the season. The last thing you could want is for Tony to be going full out in every single practice. He knows this offense and he knows this team. The coaching staff can afford to let him have these off days to protect his back, legs and arm from over use. When he isn’t starting week 1 come talk to me, until then it’s all just speculation.

2. Matt Johnson is injured, again.
Matt Johnson has pulled his hamstring once again and you can’t do anything but feel for the guy. To those of you who are upset he is still on the roster loosen up, I guarantee that Matt Johnson healthy is a better option than anyone else you could bring in right now at the safety position. There is no reason to get rid of him now. Instead the Cowboys will see if he can get healthy and evaluate him from there. It is going to be hard though if he does not get back in to the thick of things soon.

3. Pope’s tight end drills
These have really been the talk of camp. Tight ends coach Mike Pope has been getting his unit ready by having them sit in portable toilets with the door closed, and having another player open the door when he yells for it and firing a pass at the awaiting tight end inside. He has also been seen chucking ice cold water on his players while they are about to make a catch. It seems that the ability to focus on the ball when its in the air is important to the savvy position coach.

4. DeMarcus Lawrence
What a blow. The injury bug continues to have the absolute worst timing for this team. Things were shaping up well for the Rookie too as there had been a lot of speculation swirling about his ability to start at the beginning of the regular season. The sooner he can get healthy the better it will be for both him and the Cowboys.

5. Morris Claiborne’s resurgence.
So far the former 6th overall pick performed well and is playing with the swagger you would expect from someone who shared a back field with Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu. He has been all over Terrance Williams and has held his own against Dez Bryant. It hasn’t been without setbacks though. Mo’s tendinitis is back and the team will have to monitor his knees so that he can remain healthy.

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