Do the Arizona Cardinals have any of the most underrated players in the NFL?


Last week, I provided my annual list of the 10 most overrated players in the NFL. As expected, it caused an uproar, mostly from people who can’t take off their team-colored glasses and deal with the truth. For a good time, read the “Comments” section below the article; it’s pure gold and classic examples of denial.

In the spirit of showing that it’s not all negative on cover32, however – an accusation that is normally directed at me – it’s time for the annual list of players on the opposite end of the spectrum. For every player who receives too much hype, there is someone who doesn’t garner enough attention. It’s a zero-sum game, as there’s only so much media coverage (believe it or not) to go around.

Thus, it’s time to shine the spotlight in a direction it doesn’t normally aim. With that in mind, to see the 10 most-underrated players in the NFL today, CLICK HERE.

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