Grinds my gears: No Vick Ballard


You know what really grinds my gears this week? Vick Ballard is out for the season for the second straight year. I get the fact that he will miss this season because on an injury, but the fact that he will spend the season on IR is unfortunate.

One of my favorite Indianapolis Colts players the last two seasons, will miss his third season entirely with a torn Achilles. Ever since his rookie year with the diving winning touchdown against the Tennessee Titans I have fell in love with his energy and competitiveness.

Ballard would have been the backup behind Trent Richardson, but if Richardson were to struggle I believe Ballard would have been given the starting nod. For a late round pick in 2012, Ballard has the capability to be a starting back for the Colts, but injuries have derailed him the last two seasons. I really hope that this is not the start of a injury prone career for Ballard.

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