Houston Texans star Arian Foster blasts media for daring to ask him questions


Yesterday we brought you the news that Houston Texans running back Arian Foster gave what was quite possibly the worst press conference in sports history.

No matter what he was asked by the assembled reporters, Foster replied that he was trying to be the best teammate he could be. Even when he was asked how his progress was going as far as being the best teammate he could be Foster just said it again.

This morning Foster took it one step further and blasted the media via his Twitter account:

I’m starting to get the distinct feeling that Foster does not like speaking to reporters. Just a hunch.

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  • Guy

    Arian Foster is yesterday news……………take the train and get the hell out of Houston.

  • Dustin S

    Idiot…because he is tired of the media and angry that they do nothing but highlight the negative is reason he should leave? The media IS the reason he is acting like that. He is not the first and wont be the last.

  • steve m

    what a prick he should try playing some football and quit whining

  • Sceez

    If you have been paying attention to the Texans since O’Brien came on board, this is all O’Brien. He’s forcing his players to reply with very little, just stuff about being a good teammate. Go look at early interviews of Texans, soon after O’Brien came on board. You will see it right away. It’s the O’Brien affect.

  • Dom

    Don’t blame Foster. The media shows up at his home during his marital scandal while his kids were there. The media don’t go for facts they speculate. The media polishes these athletes off when they doing good but have no mercy when the slightest bit of trouble comes. He is paid to run the ball, not stop and pretend to be friendly or etc. He never once had any issues with the local media or Texans fans until this past off season. Fans are fickle! These same people will be cheering when he scores a touchdown.

  • mewp12

    I don’t blame him. Wopldn;t you get tired of consant microphones in your face? What should he have said” I worked out. I got hot and sweaty and now I want to take a shower”. Would ha have made them happy. Most journalists are annoying at best.