I hate: The Josh Gordon suspense


As difficult as it is to believe, it’s been a little under three months since the initial announcement of Josh Gordon’s possible 16 game suspension for a second failed drug test.

Since then the assumption is that this suspension would hold and the Browns would be without their best receiver for the upcoming season.

This belief seemed to only gain reinforcement when Gordon was arrested for a DWI in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Since that arrest, there hadn’t been a lot of noise surrounding Gordon’s suspension until recently when he announced that he would appeal the suspension.  Get this though, there’s actually a chance that he could beat the initially predicted season-long suspension.

How it works is that Gordon’s lawyer will present the case as him inhaling second hand smoke. He will also argue that since Gordon has passed every other of his mandatory drug tests, that it was coincidental and shouldn’t deserve a year-long ban, especially when Ray Rice received only two games for knocking his wife unconscious.

Now while all this suspense could help Gordon, the wait is killing me. I need a decision now and I cannot wait until Gordon’s appeal tomorrow. I’ve spent almost three months awaiting some sort of confirmation, and that’s about three months too many.

On top of everything, if all of this drawn out nonsense leads to Gordon ultimately being suspended for 16 games anyway, than what was the point of this whole process?

It’s throwing me off as a fan and I know for sure it’s throwing off the Browns’ coaching staff. Training camp is underway and they still have no idea what their wide out core will look like for next season. All of this suspense surrounding Gordon’s appeal only makes their job more difficult as they have to prepare for two completely different scenarios.

So please NFL, I hate this Josh Gordon suspense, so make a decision soon, and make one that is final so I can move on and prepare for what to expect from this offense next season.




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